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I am a second generation owner of an industrial supply company called Westfall Company, Inc., founded in 1973. We supply tanks, pumps, pipes, valves, etc., to heavy industry such as chemical plants, power plants, steel mills, mining – you get the idea.  I pride myself on having an industrial background.  We like our products to be robust and durable thus, we steer away from inferior products.

My family and I purchased 160 acres in Cook Station, MO, in the Missouri Ozark Highlands AVA District.  The farm we bought had an abandoned vineyard which my family and I re-established and added French hybrid grapes. Our vineyard happened to use posts from the historical St. Stanislaus Seminary which was once located in North St. Louis, MO.  This seminary was home to one of a few wineries to remain open during prohibition. In 2008, WineMaker Magazine wrote an article highlighting our property and vineyard – Click here to read it.

I started using my HDPE tanks successfully in my own winemaking.  Other friends of ours who own wineries started using my heavy walled tanks as well and loved them.  Before I knew it I was supplying these tanks all over the country.  We now offer custom tanks and tank accessories for this industry.

In addition to HDPE tanks, Westfall Company, Inc., stocks air operated double diaphragm pumps used in many wineries, stainless steel tri-clamp valves and fittings, tanks of other materials such as coated steel, stainless and fiberglass. We inventory heavy-duty plastic pallets which can hold a 22,000 lb. load. Westfall Company, Inc. has supplied heavy-duty pre-fabricated trenches used in wine production areas.  Our extreme duty epoxy floor coating is a one-time product used to protect your concrete floors from corrosion/erosion due to cleaning chemicals (and it looks good too.) We have manufactured fiberglass platforms, walkways and tank platforms on rollers, to name a few.

We are located in St. Louis, Missouri, next to Six Flags (I can hear the rollercoaster in the summer).  I always enjoy meeting fellow winemakers and grape growers, so please stop in if you are traveling this way.